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Excimer Laser Repair Corporation offers training options to enable our customers engineers to service and maintain their Cymer® excimer lasers independently of the OEM. We also provide training for our customers to use our proprietary software and calibration tools.

Enabling our customers to perform their own maintenance and calibration represents a huge cost savings over expensive OEM service contracts.

Examples of topics covered during training:

  • Basic laser operation and clearing simple errors and warnings.
  • Preventative maintenance procedures, including changing gas mix, alignment, and minor adjustments
  • Corrective maintenance procedures, including major module changes.
  • Our estimation is that greater than 90% of all supplier service calls can be eliminated with proper training and tools.

Additionally, we provide training to use our proprietary software and calibration tools:

  • Proprietary maintenance software operation
  • Powermeter Calibration Tool (PMCT)
  • Quantitative Beam Imaging Tool (QBIT)
  • Portable Pressure Monitoring Device (PPMD)
  • Coarse Beam Alignment Tool (CBAT)

**Excimer Laser Repair Corporation is not affiliated or in any way associated with Cymer® Inc.