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What is ELRC?

Excimer Laser Repair Corporation (ELRC) provides consumable and non-consumable modules for users of Cymer® excimer laser systems. ELRC modules will meet all performance specifications and warranty provisions provided by the OEM. In addition to laser modules, ELRC also offers field service, technical support, training, and field metrology tools to provide customers with a variety of cost reduction solutions.

What products and services does ELRC offer?

ELRC offers a broad range of refurbished and repaired parts, including consumables and non-consumables. We also offer excimer laser service, support, and maintenance products that are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. In addition, ELRC offers laser training and field metrology tools to allow customers to perform more service and maintenance on their lasers by themselves. We currently offer products and services for 5000, 6000, 7000, and XLA-100 series excimer lasers.

How was ELRC formed?

ELRC was formed by a group of scientists, engineers, technicians, and marketing professionals who saw an opportunity to provide the semiconductor industry with cost reduction solutions and second source support. As excimer laser technology became increasingly used in advanced semiconductor manufacturing, customers expressed serious concerns over the tremendous operating expenses associated with these lasers, especially on older generations of laser models. ELRC was formed to address these concerns by developing cost reduction solutions for Cymer® excimer laser users.

Who are the people at ELRC?

Our dedicated team of professionals at ELRC is comprised of people with nearly two hundred years of combined experience in the semiconductor and laser industries. We have experience in semiconductor manufacturing, lithography engineering, excimer laser systems, optics, marketing, sales, field service, and technical support.

Where is ELRC located?

Our headquarters is located in Escondido, California, just north of San Diego. In addition to our corporate headquarters, our Escondido facility also houses our module refurbishment center, laboratories, cleanrooms, and main warehouse.

When did ELRC begin operations?

ELRC was incorporated in California in March 2005. Our products and services are in use both in the United States and overseas.

**Excimer Laser Repair Corporation is not affiliated or in any way associated with Cymer® Inc.