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ELRC has developed proprietary automated software that works in conjunction with the tools below to help maintain your Excimer Lasers. The software, in conjunction with the Portable Pressure Measurement Device (PPMD) and the Power Meter Calibration Tool (PMCT), can update the laser as needed for power calibrations and pressure transducer calibrations.

Coarse Beam Alignment Tool (CBAT)

The Coarse Beam Alignment Tool provides an easy means to see if the laser is misaligned. It allows users to visually observe initial beam quality and alignment in the horizontal and vertical plane.

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Portable Pressure Measurement Device (PPMD)

The PPMD provides an easy way to calibrate the pressure transducer in the gas module to the chamber module. By calibrating the two, the correct gas mix is provided to the chamber, which enables better operation of the chamber.

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Quantitative Beam Imaging Tool (QBIT)

The QBIT allows the customer engineers to directly image the laser beam to ensure optimal alignment and quantitatively measure laser performance over the lifetime of the modules.

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Power Meter Calibration Tool (PMCT)

The power meter calibration tool enables the system to have its internal power meter calibrated to ensure the system provides the correct amount of energy to the lithography system. ELRC has developed a easy-to-use software program to automatically update the laser system with the correct value from the power.

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