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Excimer Laser Repair Corporation offers a broad range of products and services for Cymer® excimer laser systems. Founded in 2005, our staff are experts in the fields of excimer laser technology and excimer laser repair and maintenance.

ELRC saves semiconductor manufacturers on OEM costs. We accomplish this by offering our customers the same OEM technology at a lower cost and by employing trained engineers and certified technicians.

Our clients have chosen us because we do things right at a lower cost with equal quality and performance. Members of our staff are former Cymer® staff members or other veteran excimer laser specialists.

Consumables represent the largest laser expense for fabs. Get high quality laser consumables from us and save! We are able to pass along major savings due to our unique position in the excimer laser industry.

We offer proprietary tools that are designed to make troubleshooting and set-up of the laser easier.

**Excimer Laser Repair Corporation is not affiliated or in any way associated with Cymer® Inc.


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